Empowering With

We are restoring dignity to marginalised communities through vocational training and gainful employment.

Empower With

We are restoring dignity to marginalised communities through vocational training and gainful employment.


To treat with dignity not with sympathy

As one of the most established social enterprises in Singapore, we approach problems in a unique way to achieve our goals and sustain the work that we do.

Create Jobs for the Marginalised

Empower differently-abled people through greater access to training and jobs that pay fair wages.

Engage the Elderly and Neglected

Encourage elderly residents to spend a day out from nursing homes and enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Build an Inclusive Society

Develop a culture where everybody is given a chance, regardless of the challenges they face.


We highlight ability not disability

Through the power of vocational training, we work with our trainees to find their strengths and overcome personal challenges.

On-the-Job Training

Trainees undergo a fully funded Train-and-Place programme that is of Singapore Workforce standard, and are taught and assessed by certified culinary trainers.

Job Placement

We prepare our graduates for job interviews to be gainfully employed by our trusted partners in the F&B and retail industries.


With more businesses giving our graduates a chance at employment, they can be recognised and valued as contributing members of society.

Dignity to me...

"...is being equipped with the necessary skillset and attitude to be self-sufficient regardless of your background. When you can take control of your professional life, you will ultimately earn the respect deserve from society."

Khamisah Binte Ahman, Economic Rice Stall

Dignity to me..

"...is pushing through hardships in my life and telling yourself you can make it. It's being able to take care of my family and kids."

Lau Liang Peng,
Economic Rice Stall

Creating Impact

Just five years after establishment, we were awarded the
President's Challenge Social Enterprise of the Year 2015 for our work with Dignity Kitchen™.

Dignity Kitchen™

Asia's only community food court run by people with disabilities and the first one in the world to be ISO22000-certified.

Dignity Learn

SkillsFuture eligible culinary classes for beginners. We also run a Train-and-Place programme for people with disabilities.

Dignity Mama

Secondhand book stalls across local hospitals in Singapore run by young adults with disabilities and caregivers.


Thanks to the support of our partners

We are working towards a more inclusive society - one that embraces not just a diversity of races and religions but also talents and abilities. 


Coming here, I can see it’s not just the passion of the founder but also every member of this company who is deeply involved in training and providing jobs to ‘differently-abled’ people.


South Indian Education Society, Professor

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