Meaningful team bonding activities

(Re)discover heritage culture & engage with the community at Dignity Kitchen

Meaningful team bonding activities

(Re)discover heritage culture & engage with the community at Dignity Kitchen

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Click on one of the buttons below to learn more about each team bonding activity. We provide end-to-end planning for all our corporate-friendly experiences. Designed to allow you to bond with colleagues in a meaningful, heartwarming environment and at the same time engage in impact.


Recommended for: 14-35 pax

Trade your office attire for a day and get the unique experience of working in a stall in teams. Learn from our stall managers at Dignity Kitchen to cook a dish and serve the elderly.

Our stall managers will guide and supervise the cooking. In the process, you will be interacting with and learning from them. Dishes will be served to the elderly we invite from our home partners.

Duration: 5 hours

Timing: Weekday morning only

Price: $800/stall (for 5 pax) with lunch provided

  1. Beverages – Local kopi/teh
  2. Malay Food – Mee rebus/mee siam
  3. Bakery – Curry puff
  4. Noodle – Wanton Mee (Chinese-style noodles)
  5. Rojak  – Vegetarian rojak
  6. Dim Sum – Steamed chicken siew mai
  7. Economic Rice – Prawn paste chicken

Minimum rental: 2 stalls

"For CapitaLand’s first Management Trainee Day, we wanted to do a team building activity of a different kind. One that inspired our Management Trainees – some of whom may become leaders of the company – to lead with the community in mind and to make a difference in our shared community. Through the Hawker for a Day programme, they were able to build stronger bonds and even learn how to cook. Seeing the smiles on our friends from AWWA made it a worthwhile experience."

Lee Shijie, Group Talent Management, CapitalLand

"We had used other cooking schools before for team building events..But somebody said why not find something else to do...the experience here gives us a lot more return. We're actually not here to learn cooking - it's the by product. We're here to learn how to interact with people of diverse backgrounds."

Emily Tan and Lim Fang Chien, Barclays Singapore

“This was the first time we were meeting as a newly formed leadership team so the importance of this team building session was paramount. Mr Yeo’s sharing on Project Dignity struck a chord with the team as it encouraged us to remember the importance of embracing diversity and how it can be practically implemented  in our daily work. As a company diversity and inclusion is close to our hearts, and seeing this being employed in everyday operations encouraged us to continue to think about what more we can do in this space. Learning about local culture through food was a plus as the team hails from different countries. This was a special experience which we spoke about for days afterward – especially enjoying lunch and a sing along with local community members!"

Zanna McComish, Vice President of Strategy, Planning and Integrity, BHP Billiton

"Thank you for teaching us how to bake muffins. It has certainly been a great experience for us all to get together and learn more about social enterprise. Keep up the good work!"

Shuting, Aon


Recommended for: 10 - 25 pax (Inclusive of Refreshments) 

Groups will be allocated into teams based on the number of persons, followed by a Hygiene Briefing and a Short Tour of Dignity Kitchen premises;

Participants will prepare two food items guided by differently-abled staff and facilitated by the Events team. Project Dignity subject to availability of staff) (Selection of items will be made by.  Dishes prepared will be served at a High Tea Makan session;

The session ends with Sharing Presentation by Project Dignity and Q&A /Reflection.

Duration: 3.5 hours

Timing: 9.00am – 12.30pm (AM)
               2.00pm – 5.30pm (PM)

Price: $45 + per person

Event Itinerary Sample:

2pm – 2.30pm
Arrival of participants
Hygiene briefing by Events Team                                                                            Allocation of groups 

2.30pm – 3.30 pm
Cook, Bake and Makan Session
(2 dishes TBC upon availability of our differently-abled colleagues)

3.30pm – 4.30 pm                                                                                                      Intro to Sign Language and Beverage Ordering                                          Refreshments served

4.30pm - 5.30pm
Sharing by Project Dignity                                                                                  Reflection & Sharing by participants

How Did We Start?

Borne out of the founder's personal motto to be involved in the community at least once a day (he called this Dignity Day), the 4 distinct team bonding activities have become an integral part of the business' social mission, encouraging interaction with and understanding for the differently-abled.

At the same time, you get to experience an atypical kind of team bonding, immerse yourself in an underappreciated side of the community while (re)discovering local food culture.

This is not for everyone - especially not for the close-minded or if you're looking for a glamorous environment with modern cooking facilities and swanky dining space. We cannot provide that.

However, if you're looking for something different, meaningful, full of heart and humour, you can bet this to be one-of-a-kind in Singapore. 

At the end of our programmes, we hope you gain an appreciation for those who overcame personal difficulties to run an entire stall by themselves, whether it is with one functional hand, 10% sight or zero hearing abilities. You will come away with what "disability" and "dignity" really mean, but most of all have fun!

What Else Can I Expect?

  • Hassle-free (we plan everything for you) and weather-proof (we are located indoors)

  • Not physically demanding and will not tire you out. Suitable for teams with a wide age range.

  • Laid back environment. No cooking experience required (also suitable for groups with Muslim participants as the food we prepare are halal-certified)

  • Customisable to your objectives and needs whether it be workplan discussions, CSR, corporate citizenship, Values-in-Action

  • For non-locals, explore a quintessential aspect of Singapore that is pending a UNESCO nomination: our hawker centre and culture

  • For Singaporeans, rediscover food you've probably eaten before but have no idea how it's made


Recommended for: 20 - 30 pax (games-oriented)

Duration: 3 hours

Timing: Weekday morning/afternoon*

Price: $42/pax (includes a light snack and drink)

  1. Station 1 – Sign Language. Learn international sign language from an individual who is hearing impaired.
  2. Station 2 – Serve on Wheels. Participants will get to experience serving on a wheelchair.
  3. Station 3 – Dessert Art. Learn pulut hitam art (black glutinous rice porridge) using coconut milk with guidance from an intellectually challenged.
  4. Station 4 – Roller Coaster Marbles. Learn to work with an individual who has partial paralysis to balance a marble on a cord cover.

*Both sessions do not include serving of lunch to the elderly. 

"The facilitators of the programme are all very good, from the sharing by Mr. Yeo to the actual game facilitation, the team explained the objectives of the games clearly. We are generally impressed with what we have seen, it is an eye-opener and we had a good experience. We will be coming back again for other activities and we are looking at a long-term partnership to support Project Dignity’s social mission. We definitely recommend team bonding activities to people who are looking to spend a meaningful time together!"

Mr. Daniel Lim, Chairman of CWG International and Mr. Sam Senivasan, Vice-Chairman of CWG International

"Our Accenture Singapore Legal Corporate Citizenship Committee had a meaningful and fun time together. The interactive activities together with your staff (learning basic sign language and navigating a wheelchair) raised our awareness about the challenges faced by physically challenged members of our society. We were certainly also inspired by the will to succeed..including those with intellectual and physical challenges, demonstrated in the activities. We are immensely grateful for all the hard work you did!"

Stephanie Tremeaud, Accenture


Recommended for: Schools or bigger groups from 30 pax - 50 pax

Duration: ~3 hours 

Timing: Weekday morning/afternoon

Price: Starts from $15/pax

Our learning journeys can include a tour of Dignity Kitchen or a Dignity Mama store (subject to schedule availability).  

Some of topics we can expand on include:

  • Workplace inclusion
  • Social innovation
  • Business for good/Social entrepreneurship
  • Engaging students or adult employees with special needs

Frequently Asked Questions

They are held within the Project Dignity office. Address on Google maps can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Unfortunately, all our activities are catered for paying participants only.

If you’re still keen in getting involved with Project Dignity, we are looking for social-savvy individuals skilled in photography, videography, graphic design and editorial. If you possess any of these skills and are interested, please email us at with your CV and work portfolio.

Due to the limitations of our premises, we cannot cater to extremely large groups. We have done off-site activities at several of our clients' premises and home partners before and this includes "roving stalls" facilitated together with one of our stall managers. However, such enquiries are assessed and quoted on a case-by-case basis, subject to the team's availability. Please fill in the form below and indicate your requirements and the team will get in touch with you to see how best we can accommodate.

Yes this is possible as all of our food suppliers are halal certified and our food preparations are based on the MUIS HalMQ standard. 

Yes absolutely. We have a strong network of homes, VWOs and NGOs that we work with to invite the elderly for lunch every day at Dignity Kitchen. 

Yes. Just let us know in the comments section of the form. This is however subject to the home's availability and the Dignity Outreach team's discretion.

This is subject to our discretion. Especially for Hawker for a Day and Cook, Bake & Serve where some of the nursing homes we invite would not be comfortable being on camera. Please be sure to check with the Dignity Outreach events team.

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