Don't misidentify when you see this little yellow object running on the sidewalks; this isn't the R2-D2 of Star Wars; it's an innovative food delivery robot. If you would like to know more about it, you can grab more info from the Continental's Facebook page.

当你看到这个黄色的小家伙在人行道上行走时不要误认; 这不是星球大战的 R2-D2; 它是一个创新的送餐机器人。若果您想知道它更多,可以从 Continental 的面书获取更多信息

We welcome Minister Desmond Lee, who has visited Dignity Kitchen.

Prudential Outreach on 19 May 2021 (Wed)

Fresh produce grocery bags sponsored by Prudential and packed at Dignity Kitchen by our team.

Distribution in May for their nominated beneficiary families.


A new career chance for our differently-abled colleagues! We will be launching a new "Dignity On Wheels" food delivery service by the end of April within Bendemeer area. Do contact us for food delivery preorders. Our DOW team will send your favourite bentos to within 1 km of Dignity House (69 Boon Keng Road). Kindly WhatsApp 98539086 for menu details.


We will be launching a new "Dignity On Wheels" food delivery service which will be operated by our differently-abled staff by end of April 2021. We are all excited to begin! Looking forward to your kind support